The facade roller shutters

  We offer these products in Aluprof system. It is assigned for using in the existent buildings. The roller shutters  are rolled up to the aluminium box, which is attached to the wall above the window or placed in the window frame. The box seems like a decoration element, it matches to the look of the building.

Aluprof system offers two types of the boxes: edgy SK 45 and round Oval. These types of boxes are able to comply with the requirements of the Clients who look for  interesting, modern and functional solutions. Aluprof roller shutters are great thermal insulation, they lower the energy costs during winter and  warrant nice coolness during summer.

Due to the innovative construction and properly selected materials, the roller shutters  are efficient protection against the house – breaking, give more privacy and reduce noise levels.

Developing our offer we propose the roller shutters  integrated with  the mosquito- nets. This system, besides the above-mentioned values, secures rooms against insects. Both elements, the shutter curtain and mosquito- net, may be used separately.

We propose lots of solutions to control the roller shutters: manual drive, electric drive and half-automatic. They make the handling of roller shutters  easier and more comfortable.

The great variety of colours lights up every facade and makes it more attractive.

The profiles  made on the automatic production lines  are characterized by the perfect quality.