Aluminium Windows and Doors

We offer these products in the very attractive prices and in the short time

PVC Doors

We offer the doors in the different models made of bars and with the decorated panels.

PVC Windows

We have got windows in the three basic systems

Wooden Windows and Doors

We offer the windows and doors in different kinds of wood



Welcome to our site

Our  activity is directed to the export of the PVC, aluminium and wooden windows and doors. We are prepared to cooperate with the foreign companies , proposing the transport, services and assortment. We have got  a wide range of producers which helps us to match to the different markets and needs. E.g. the outgoing balcony doors prepared by us specially for the Norwegian market or the stabile doors” without doorstep” system for the Belgian market.

These are the untypical products for the Polish factories, which are made specially for our orders. We have at our disposal a few trucks, which are adapted to carry smaller or bigger loads, it is helpful in rationalizing the costs of the transport.

We cooperate with the professional, installing and repairing group, it let us execute the foreign service visit , if it is necessary.

In Poland, there are lots of factories which produce windows, it extorts the competition, that raises the quality of the products. In this connexion and with 15 years of  our experience in this line of business, we are in position to make a right choice of producers  and the cooperation with our trading partners in  Europe proceeds without any problems. The fact, that the firms which started to cooperate with us  haven’t looked for new suppliers, testifies to it, too.

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